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Puyol, talking to the press after hearing the news Abidal will be having a liver transplant within the next few weeks: ‘It’s a heavy blow. Abidal is in good spirits and his attitude has helped lift the rest of the squad’

Puyol: ‘We are sure he’ll come through this and we are giving him all our strength. We’ll be by his side and by his family’s. I’m convinced that he will be fine again soon’

Puyol: ‘Just before we went out to start the session, Guardiola told us the news – it was an unpleasant surprise. Eric was there with us and afterwards we spoke with him, but what we said will be staying amongst ourselves. It’s really him who has lifted us – he’s so strong as he showed last season and I’m sure he’ll show that again now’

Puyol: ‘Things like this bring us all even closer together – the squad is strong and united, as I said, his attitude is an example to us all. It’s a heavy blow. We had the same thing last year and we got through – we’ll do it again and that will make us stronger’

Real Madrid via Twitter: ‘The Real Madrid squad supports Abidal and hopes everything will be OK’

Atletico Madrid via Twitter: ‘All our support goes to Eric Abidal. You will win this match!’

Athletic Bilbao via Twitter: ‘We want to say we are behind Abidal from FC Barcelona. Let’s hope he gets better as soon as possible’

Chelsea’s Mata: ‘Abidal is an example of improving yourself, he’s got strength and will get through this again’

Iker Casillas: ‘All the support in the world goes to Abidal, a fellow professional. Whatever shirt you defend, the person inside is what matters the most. Lots of strength, Abidal!’

– Life is pretty unfair sometimes. It honestly doesn’t matter how rich, popular or successful you are. GOOD HEALTH is above everything else, well above the rest of your other meaningless possessions.

I am honestly struggling to find words to describe how I feel about these terrible news. After everything Abidal went through last season, this feels like an extremely tasteless repeat. It was on the 15th of March 2011 that his first liver operation was announced. Yes, exactly one year ago. Scary coincidence, isn’t it?

I want to throw a bit of positive light into the topic though. There is not much point on looking back and regret what’s happened or how things would be different things were as normal. The fact is: Abidal needs a liver transplant. OK. Let’s support him, show him we care and then leave him in peace so he can recover and come back to his normal life as strong, if not stronger, than he was in the past.

Last time round, The French Bull made a miraculous recovery and resumed training an incredible NINE WEEKS after surgery. He even made it back in time to help Barca win La Liga and the Champions League, lifting La Orejona trophy in the process as our ‘honorary’ captain.

Speaking back in May 2011, Abi explained : ‘I look at life differently now. Sometimes you feel some things are useful for life, but they aren’t. I have sold all my cars and given it too children who need it more than me’

This is not the time to analyse how severely Barça will miss his left-footed defender, or discuss who should take his place in the squad. We will have plenty of time to do that in the future while we patiently await for his recovery.

Today, all we can do is express our support and admiration for our beloved French Bull.


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