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Karanka, Mourinho’s puppet: ‘There were 80,000 people at the stadium, but if it is us who mention the referees anything can happen. There is little left; all that matters. The Real Madrid squad is united and looking forward to it. We have chances to win the title and we want to play to the end’

Karanka: ‘Everyone sees what happens and Real Madrid just want referees to let us do our thing. I was booked tonight for talking to the fourth assistant referee. We can’t do anything about that. That’s the situation we’re in. We have faith in our work and in the club. The greater the adversity, the taller we stand’

Casillas: ‘People can judge the referee’s performance from what they saw on TV. We don’t comment on that. We have to think about the derby. The lead we had has been reduced, but we shouldn’t cry about it. We have a large lead, but it isn’t definitive’

Albiol: ‘There were a few controversial moments in tonight’s match, such as a penalty on Ronaldo. The referee didn’t give his best performance and the crowd was angry at him. This week will be tough. We expect Atletico Madrid to be aggressive and motivated to win.

Arbeloa: ‘Valencia gave a good performance. They devised a slow match and the referee didn’t help, which makes us despair somewhat’

Xabi Alonso: ‘Real Madrid expected to take three points tonight, mainly because we played at our stadium, but there’s nothing we can do about it now. We have the La Liga lead and, regardless of how large it used to be, we must move on’

– I love it. After a whole season of ‘we-are-so-much-better-than-you’, it turns out Real Madrid are panicking like turkeys ahead of Thanksgiving Day. Simply hilarious!
It’s funny how time puts everyone in their rightful place. I can still hear those Madridista joking about their 13 point lead not so many months ago – I wonder were those guys are hiding now. With 7 more matches to go and upcoming clashes against Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, Sevilla and, most importantly, the Camp Nou fortress, I honestly recommend to all Madridistas reading this article to start piling up on ibuprofen, herbal tea and perhaps even plasters – It’s going to hurt!
Another interesting point is how Mourinho chose to send his puppet (sorry, I meant assistant manager) Karanka to face the press after yet another frustrating result for Los Mandriles. I actually thought part of a manager’s job is to justify his decisions in front of the media after matches – I guess I was very wrong, silly me.
Once again, the Portuguese Whiner acted like a spoilt little madam and failed to tell his Madridista fans his own version of the story, ordering Karanka The Puppet to rubbish the referee’s job, blaming the official for his own failure – Florentino must be proud!
Facts never lie: While Barça have won their NINE most recent La Liga matches, Madrid have only grabbed 9 out the last possible 15 points. Even blind people can see how Ronalda and his friends are increasingly tired and unable to deal with the Blaugrana pressure on their shoulders. Their fear is such that pseudo-footballer Pepe The Psycho even kicked his own teammate last night when asked to stop rolling around the pitch like a homeless baby. Ridiculous!
I have said it before but will say it again: As long as Barça can continue to win our own matches, Mourinho’s Madrid will crack under pressure. It has happened before, it can happen again.
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