Jose Mourinho Eye-Poke Ban Lifted, Roberto And Dos Santos To Replace Keita, Valencia To Challenge Barcelona : My View On Today’s FCB News here:

Jose Mourinho has seen his two-match ban for poking Barcelona assistant Tito Vilanova in the eye lifted. “Match bans up to four games and stadium bans up to two games will not be enforced,” the RFEF ruled. Rosell explained last month: “We do not accept that an aggression towards our coach is not punished. If this happens, we will speak to the appropriate party, we will not let it go unpunished” – Typical of the Spanish FA! The moment things start going against Real Madrid, something mysterious happens. It is shameful that someone who physically attacks another professional gets away with it. Would a Guardiola attack on a Real Madrid assistant be treated the same way? Of course NOT!

Dos Santos and Roberto, two options to replace Keita. Following Seydou Keita’s departure from Barça, the debate has opened regarding possible replacements. Jonathan dos Santos and Sergi Roberto are two possibilities – With respect, those 2 La Masia prospects are not ready to fill Keita’s gap yet. Seydou played an average of 40 matches per season and the youngsters are simply not ready for that yet. Buy Javi Martinez and solve the problem!

Roberto Soldado of Valencia freely admits breaking up Real Madrid and Barcelona’s duopoly of La Liga represents ‘a tall order’. Valencia realised their goal of claiming third place last term, but finished a staggering 39 points behind the title-winning Real – As things stand in La Liga these days, I don’t see a drastic change happening next season. Any players who excel in the Spanish League is snapped by the more powerful teams. While it’s sad to see how the competition has become a two-horse race, I guess it’s a direct result of how the TV revenue is distributed.

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  1. The lifting of Mou's two match ban is a disgrace. In fact, the original two match ban was also a disgrace. In any other league or sport an assault by a head coach on the a member of the opponent's coaching staff would result in an ENFORCED, LENGTHY BAN. That is what Mou should have received.

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