Lionel Messi Has No Limits, Mascherano Close To New Deal, Cá and Ié Sign For Barcelona B >> My View On Today’s FCB News

Lionel Messi Has No Limits, Mascherano Close To New Deal, Cá and Ié Sign For Barcelona B : My View On Today’s FCB News here:

Lionel Messi is hoping to continue to improve as footballer: “Titles are the aim, we have to fight for them all until the end. Every new season I try to get better. Not in the number of goals, but as a player. I hope there’s still room for improvement. There are several months to go before the Ballon d’Or presentation. What I do hope is that it stays in the Barça squad” – Having a player as skillful as Messi at Barcelona is a luxury, a gift to our eyes. Far beyond the number of goals he may score, we must admire his humility and desire to get better and better each season, always looking for the next big challenge. Let’s make sure the team around him enables him to win titles next year!

Andoni Zubizarreta confirmed that contract extension talks with Javier Mascherano “are very advanced.” The football director also talked about the ongoing negotiations with Carles Puyol (“the situation, given his history and career, goes beyond the norm. When he returns from his well-deserved vacation we’ll sit down and we’ll talk about how he views his future.”) and Adriano (“we’re very pleased with his performance, especially during the final stretch of the year. We’ll deal with the situation in the future.”) – Looks like Barcelona bosses continue to show that it is as important to keep your best players happy as it is to sign new ones. Mascherano fully deserves a new contract after impressing as a center-back over the last 2 seasons, Puyol can play for as long as he is fit and Adriano is a good player who can always be trusted. Good decision!

Barcelona B completed deal for Agostinho Cá and Edgar Ié from Sporting Clube Portugal. The young Portuguese players will travel to Barcelona in the coming hours to undergo their medicals and sign their contracts with Barça’s reserve team – Any players who can improve the potential of our Barcelona B squad are welcome. Both players have played for the lower categories of the Portuguese national team, so hopefully they can develop even further in the Segunda Division. Looking forward to see both youngsters progress through the season!

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