What are Barcelona’s Champions League chances? Global Marketing, Kevin Egan and Blaugranagram [TBPod127]

On episode 127 of The Barcelona PodcastDan first talks to Kevin Egan from beIN SPORTS and Atlanta United about everything from Ray Hudson and Barcelona’s dealings in North America to the club’s chances in the Champions League. Then it’s time for La Ronda with Omar from Blaugranagram to discuss the club revoking medals, the malaise of recent performances and much more!
Running Order:
What is it like to work with Ray Hudson?
What were the pros and cons of Barcelona and Girona coming to Miami?
What is the difference between FC Barcelona getting involved in North American investors and fans investing in the American product?
Which MLS side should Barcelona fans watch?
What are the club’s chances of capturing the UCL trophy this season?
Why is Barcelona revoking medals from the Franco era?
Is the club unwatchable at the moment?
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