Does Messi share blame for Barça’s struggles? Ernesto Valverde, Gerard Piqué, and Ronald Koeman [TBPod164]

Messi vs. Levante

On episode 164 of The Barcelona Podcast, Dan and Francesc discuss who deserves responsibility for Barcelona’s issues this season. They talk Ernesto Valverde, Lionel Messi the player and Messi the captain, Gerard Piqué, Ronald Koeman, and much more!

Running Order:

  • How much hotter is Ernesto Valverde’s seat after losing to Levante?
  • Does Messi need to lead in the locker room like he does with his performances on the pitch?
  • How does Gerard Piqué share the blame for this season?
  • How does a manager deal with players over 30 years old?
  • Would Ronald Koeman be a good fit at Barcelona?