Alba and Busquets say ‘See you Later’ to Camp Nou

The Camp Nou witnessed a poignant and heartfelt moment as Barcelona bid farewell to two of their stalwarts, Jordi Alba and Sergio Busquets, during their last home game. With the temporary closure of the iconic stadium until November 2024, at the earliest, the occasion became even more emotional as the duo played their final match in front of the passionate Blaugrana faithful.

Jordi Alba, the attacking full-back who has been a constant threat on the left flank for Barcelona, expressed his gratitude to the fans, acknowledging their unwavering support throughout his career. With tears welling up in his eyes, 

Jodi Alba said: “Good evening, first of all, I would like to thank all the fans for all the love in my career.” He went on to pay tribute to the people who played pivotal roles in shaping his journey, adding, “Today I also have to remember many people who played a very important role in my career, and it was a great honor to share the pitch with them.”

Alba reserved a special mention for his teammates, emphasizing the importance of unity and helping one another. Despite a season with limited playing time, he expressed his pride in contributing to the team’s success. In a heartfelt moment, he remembered the late Tito Vilanova, the coach who signed him in 2012, saying, “I’d like to pay tribute to Tito Vilanova… We will always remember you.”

Turning his attention to his long-time companion on the pitch, Sergio Busquets, Alba spoke highly of the midfielder’s impact. 

Jodi Alba said: ”I want to talk about an important and beloved person, Busquets. It was a great honor to play alongside him. I wish him all the best,” Alba said tearfully.


Busquets, a midfield maestro known for his vision and composure, thanked everyone who had been part of his journey at Barcelona. Expressing gratitude to his teammates, coaching staff, club employees, and the fans, Busquets recognized the pivotal role played by the supporters in the team’s achievements. Reflecting on his childhood dreams, he shared, “I dreamt when I was young to play a match in this stadium… I came here as a fan when I was a child, and now I’m very proud to be part of the best club in the world.”

As both players bid their final farewells, Alba assured the fans that he would continue supporting the team from a different place. Busquets, leaving a hint about his future plans, mentioned his dream of becoming a coach, stating, “This is not a definitive goodbye, it’s a see you later.”

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The departure of Alba and Busquets marks the end of an era at Barcelona. Their contributions on and off the pitch have been immense, and their presence will be sorely missed. As they venture into new chapters of their careers, Barcelona fans will forever cherish the memories and the indelible mark these two legends have left on the club’s history.

By Kanak Chauhan