Trimming Barcelona’s Heavy Wage Bill

Barcelona’s mission to trim their hefty wage bill has become a top priority ahead of the upcoming summer transfer window. The club’s wage expenditure for the 2022/23 season reached a staggering €655 million. This prompted La Liga to demand a reduction of at least €200 million to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations and facilitate contract renewals.

However, the Catalan giants seem to be making significant strides in achieving their target, as Ferran Correas of SPORT reported. 

FC Barcelona is reportedly on the verge of slashing their wage bill by a remarkable €200 million, thanks in large part to the departures of three veteran players: Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba.


Pique bid farewell to the game altogether in November 2022, relieving a substantial portion of the club’s salary burden. Busquets followed suit by announcing his departure, further alleviating the financial strain on the club for the upcoming season. Most recently, Alba joined the list of departing players, even agreeing to waive a considerable portion of his deferred salary.

Correas suggests that the combined Pique, Alba, and Busquets departures could save Barcelona up to €120 million in salary expenses. Additionally, the permanent transfer of Antoine Griezmann to Atletico Madrid earlier this season has also contributed to significant savings.

Mateu Alemany, Barcelona’s Director of Football, had previously mentioned that the departures of Pique and Griezmann alone had reduced the wage bill by approximately €90 million. Alongside player departures, the club has implemented cost-cutting measures in various departments and is making adjustments in other sports teams, such as handball and basketball.

Furthermore, Barcelona plans to decrease spending on the academy, women’s football, and grassroots football. The aim is to reduce the budget by €20 million. These collective efforts could potentially lower the wage bill to around €450 million, allowing the club to operate within the 1:1 rule in the upcoming summer market.


The significant reduction in wages will help Barcelona comply with financial regulations and provide the necessary flexibility to pursue new signings and strengthen the squad. As the club strives to rebuild and reestablish their dominance, prudent financial management will play a crucial role in shaping their future success.

By Kanak Chauhan