Xavi Renews! Unlocking João Félix and João Cancelo, Plus Alejandro Balde’s Renewal

*NOTE – This show was recorded just prior to the official announcement of Xavi’s renewal, but everything we said still makes sense

**NOTE – Dan’s audio was cutting out due to feedback from Emile’s mic, but it’s only in a few spots

On episode 508, Dan and Emile discuss Xavi’s renewal, Balde’s renewal, and the recent success with the João, Félix and Cancelo. They talk the difficult financial choices that could come to play next summer with a future CDM, the evolving situation with the Spanish women’s national team, and much more!

Running Order:

  • How fair is Xavi’s renewal?
  • How do the Joãos change Xavi’s chances of success?
  • What will the plan for a future CDM be?
  • What’s next for the Spanish women’s team?

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