It’s Chelsea, not Barça, who should be worried >> Read My Mind

Iniesta: ‘The semifinals will be really tough’ Iniesta: ‘This is the fifth consecutive time that Barça have reached the semifinals of the Champions League. It’s the result of a job well done year after year and this is the only way you can put it. This team has ambition and results come with that. Our […]

Barça is above whatever frustrated anti-Culés may whine about >> Read My Mind

Guardiola: ‘Barca didn’t complain on penalties on the first leg. The replays show that it was a penalty both times. When you’re holding the shirt of a player in the box, it’s a penalty. I’ve been taught this since I was a kid’ Guardiola: ‘If Mister Ibrahimovic or Mourinho think we don’t deserve our qualification […]

Barça is ready to pounce on Madrid’s circus >> Read My Mind

Valdes: ‘Both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are under pressure in La Liga. Our only option is to win all the games we have left and wait’ Valdes: ‘When we were 10 points behind we didn’t change, and we won’t change now that we are 6 behind. We must compete against any rival and try […]

Florentino Perez is destroying Real Madrid – Thank you!!! >> Read My Mind

Florentino: ‘Real Madrid transmits all the good qualities of sportsmanship around the world, such as effort, determination and solidarity’ – People say you don’t necessarily appreciate what you have until you lose it. While that may be the case, I feel the truth is the biggest problem is losing what you have and not even […]

Pathetic Madridistas are scared of losing their Liga >> Read My Mind

Pepe, to the Villarreal-Madrid referee: ‘What a robbery, you son of a b**ch!’ Mourinho, to the referee before getting sent off: ‘You son of a b**tch!’ Mourinho, to the media: (Well, nothing as he refused to speak to the media) Ronaldo, speaking to the media before trying to burst into the Villarreal dressing room: ‘This […]

It only takes ONE draw for Madrid to show their true colours >> Read My Mind

Casillas: ‘I don’t care what Guardiola says. It’s important to me what our coach has to say and how we feel’ Mourinho: ‘The referee had two major mistakes in our draw against Malaga. There were two enormous penalties he failed to see, but we can’t critisize him’ Casillas: ‘We never thought we had won the […]

The Cruyff-Mourinho war continues >> Read My Mind

Cruyff: ‘Mourinho hasn’t learnt anything, he needs to respect others more’ Cruyff, speaking April 2011: ‘Jose Mourinho is a negative coach. He only cares about the result and doesn’t care much for good football’ In September 2011, after the infamous eye-poking attack on Vilanova, Cruyff said: ‘It was an act of arrogance and impotence. Mourinho’s […]

Corrupted Madridista referees want to lock Pique up!!! >> Read My Mind

Sánchez Arminio, President of the Spanish Association of Referees: ‘Pique’s words make my blood boil. We will analyse them in the next Refereeing Committee meeting. This is a very serious issue’ Sánchez Arminio: ‘I am angry because Pique is doubting the honesty of Spanish referees. I am very hurt. What Pique said is bad sportsmanship, […]