Would Barcelona be Barcelona without Jose Mourinho?

Every hero needs a villain. In the case of Pep Guardiola’s time at Barcelona, old colleague Jose Mourinho never shied away from being the antithesis to the Spaniard on the field and in the world’s view. Barcelona’s goal was to control a game and Mourinho’s goal was not to take back that control, but instead […]

Talking The Barcelona Legacy with author Jonathan Wilson [TBPod 105]

On this edition of The Barcelona Podcast, Dan speaks with Jonathan Wilson about his new book, The Barcelona Legacy. Wilson discusses the major figures in the book, including Jose Mourinho, Pep Guardiola and Louis van Gaal. The relationship between Mourinho and Guardiola is in the spotlight, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Running Order: What inspired Wilson to […]

5 Names Who Laugh At The Rules Of Spanish Football

Sandro Rosell, Barcelona president, has reignited the controversy that surrounded the La Liga campaign last season by explaining: ‘We all know that the last edition of the Spanish League was very strange’ Here is what Rosell actually means – Let’s analyze the behavior of 5 key names in Spanish football. Angel Maria Villar, The Man […]

Barcelona Drug-Taking Cheats Become Spain Heroes Every 2 Years

Barcelona players have to put up with constant attacks from the Madrid-based media on a regular basis. Their numerous unfounded accusations of drug-taking, mischievous diving and other pathetic stories are systematically used as a strategy to try to upset our Catalan team. Such practice is happily tolerated in Spain, as if Barcelona’s success was purely […]

Video Technology Must Improve Football

The season is over so its time to reflect. While winning the Copa del Rey was nice, the overwelming memory for me this season will be the Champions league disaster against Chelsea. Its now transfer rumour time but I try to not to take them too seriously as most never actually happen. This off-season there […]

Real Madrid are panicking under Barça’s pressure >> Read My Mind

Karanka, Mourinho’s puppet: ‘There were 80,000 people at the stadium, but if it is us who mention the referees anything can happen. There is little left; all that matters. The Real Madrid squad is united and looking forward to it. We have chances to win the title and we want to play to the end’Karanka: […]